Mike Krauser - Lead Vocals

Mike started out in bands in 1976 as a drummer and eventually began singing about 7 years later  because he realized drums are alot of crap to lug around. He has been a member of Satyn Steel, Damaged Goods, Metalmorphus, No Direction as well as three tribute bands, The Scorps, War Pigs, and Live Wire.

Currently a member of On The Rockz and The Hobo Junkies and also working on a new Scorpions tribute, The Zoo. His many influences are Nugent, Aerosmith, Zeppelin, VH, UFO  and The Defranco Family. His pronouns currently are Rock and/or Roll

Al Hamilton - Lead Guitar

Al Hamilton is a professional guitarist in the Chicago area, and has played hundreds of gigs for countless thousands of people. Al has been in numerous bands and has shared the stage with many of Chicago's best bands and national acts.

Al is currently a member of On The Rockz, Voyage, and Second Time Around. His influences include great bands such as Led Zepplin, Van Halen, Boston, The Eagles, Scorpions, and many more. On The Rockz gives him that “goes to 11” experience, and the freedom to play crazy jack'ed up covers that no other Chicago band does.

Al plays an Ibanez S series flamethrower through a Line 6 Helix supercomputer.


Tommy Runge - Bass Guitar

Descendant from an ancient Yeti tribe known to inhabit the Rickenbacker mountains, On The Rockz bassist, Tom Runge brings the thunder to our lineup. Shaking foundations & twiddling G strings everywhere since 1982, our Chicago Burbs-based bass player got his start from a brotherly gift and has never looked beyond 4 strings for his musical expression.

Tom's greatest bass influences are John Entwhistle, Geddy Lee, Michael Anthony and Steve Harris.  His 40+ yrs of experience comes from 100's of shows from bands: Tustin, Damaged Goods, Scorps (tribute), Valkyr, What About This, and finally co-founded his greatest band experience 'On The Rockz'. Tom plays Rickenbacker, Charvel and Ibanez basses, Roto-sound & DR strings, uses Boss, Nady & Shure peripherals and plays thru Mark Bass amplification. 

Jose Perez - Drums

Jose brings over 40 years of experience to On The Rockz. He has performed at such classic venues as The Thirsty Whale and the Iron Rail back in the mid/late 80’s. His influences include Neil Peart, Tommy Aldridge and Tommy Lee to name a few.

Jose performs with DW Drums and Paiste 2002 cymbals. When it comes to performing, he says “The one thing I would never do is take the stage without Animal on my drum kit”

Noah Fersko - Guitar

Noah began playing the guitar at the age of 9. His main influences are from bands like Aerosmith, Metallica, AC/DC, Anthrax, Iron Maiden, Faith No More, Guns n’ Roses and STP. 

Noah has played in a number of bands, collaborating on covers, originals and covers with new arrangements.  On The Rockz is a natural fit as Noah helps drive its hard hitting rhythms, bringing a metal edge to Rockz’ high wattage covers.